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What we are all about!

  • We are the largest Dinar Website
  • Latest News and Updates on the Iraqi Dinar
  • Best forum on the net, Managed by Leo
  • Chat room with unlimited Seating
  • Free Site, Free Chat, Free Forum
  • All we ask for in return is to respect each other!


TCB Caring Hands

TCB Caring Hands, is a Non-Profit site for our Veterans, if you would like to learn more about TCB Caring Hands, please click on the button below, thank you!

From The GET Team Management!

On behalf of the Support Team, we want to welcome all of you – old and new - to your new home!  

We are delighted to have you join us and would ask that you please take the time to read the Forum/Chat Room rules.  

As we get more settled in, we will be continuing to add a lot of information regarding Dinars and other ventures we will be providing.  

Please remember that our site is for social gathering, sharing, and friendship.  We are not financial advisers nor do we offer professional advice on any matter.  

Please consult a professional for your own personal situation and needs.  Please be sure to save our website in your bookmarks. 

 We look forward to seeing you here often!  Don't be shy, jump in and enjoy your New Home!

Humble Beginnings

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