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Dinar Trade Cash In Procedures
Cash In Procedures

Dinar Trade procedures for cashing in dinars at the time of a re-value:

We will be taking appointments on a first come first serve basis. We will only cash in your dinars with a scheduled appointment. At the time of a RV we will notify our customers via email as well as posting it on our website. Our Santa Monica, CA, Brentwood, TN and Bakersfield, CA offices will be open immediately. Our other offices, which are listed below, will open within 5-7 business days of a re-value. There will be no limit on the amount of Iraqi Dinar you may cash in.

When you are ready to cash in your Dinars with Dinar Trade:

Call 1-877-770-7660 or visit our website at, to make an appointment. Let us know which office you would like to go to in order to make the trade.


We will take group appointments. A group is considered 5-30 people.  At the time of the appointment you must inform us of the number of people in your group and the total amount of dinars each person will be exchanging. If locking in a rate, each person in the group who would like to lock in will need to sign an agreement with Dinar Trade, guaranteeing the amount of dinar to be cashed in. Each person in the group does not have to lock in a rate. Each person in the group is responsible for their own appointment and rate lock in.

Individuals & Groups:

You will need the following:

  • 2 forms of identification (one with a picture and one with your name on it, for example a credit card or utility bill)
  • Fincen 104 form ( ) if you don't have one we will have them available at our offices .
  • Bank incoming wire instructions ( ABA Routing number and Account number)

We will wire the funds form our bank account here in the U.S to your bank while you wait at the time of exchange. There will only be one wire to one account per customer.

Customers cashing in on someone's behalf must have a copy of the individuals identifications, banking information and a notarized letter authorizing the specific individual to complete transaction on their behalf.

International customers: we will require a copy of your passport and banking information to cash in at locations outside of the United States.


Dinar Trade will charge $150 per million dinars as a service fee for exchanging your Dinars.

Our minimum quantity of Dinars that may be cashed in is 100,000. The minimum fee is $150.

Rate of Exchange:

We will offer customers who have purchased from Dinar Trade the option to lock in a rate for the time of their appointment. Our rate will be based on the Central Bank of Iraq's buy rate. We will post the lock in agreement on our website and we will also fax or email a lock in agreement to the customer that must be signed, notarized and faxed back to our office within 24 hours. If the fax is not received within the 24 hours your lock in rate will be forfeited. Once locked in the appointment and rate cannot be changed or canceled. There will be legal recourse for individuals who lock in a rate and do not arrive for their appointment. The lock in rate is guaranteed until the day of the appointment. A lock in rate means that the price is agreed upon whether the rate goes up or down.

Customers who are unsure or do not want to lock in a rate will receive the rate on the day of their appointment. The exchange rate will depend on the rate in Iraq at that time of the appointment for customers not locking in a rate. We will let you know the rate on the phone but it will not be confirmed until you arrive at one of our offices at the time of exchange.

We encourage everyone to check all the banks who will be exchanging Dinars and their rates before calling us. We are confident we can beat their rates.

At this time we have 3 offices open:

Brentwood, Tennessee

Bakersfield, California

Santa Monica California

Once the re value occurs we will have the following locations open within 5-7 business days.

Locations to open:

-Manhattan, NY -Grand Forks, ND -London, United Kingdom
-Spring Hill, FL -Las Vegas, NV -Zurich, Switzerland
-FT Smith, AR -Toledo, OH -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
-Waxahachie, TX -Salt Lake City, UT -Singapore
-Albuquerque, NM -Kent, WA -Vancouver, Canada

We will not disclose the addresses of these locations for security reasons. We will only disclose them to customers with appointments. If you would like to exchange before a location near you is open, you will have to come to our office in Tennessee or California.

We will be able to make appointments for all locations as soon as the re value occurs.

We estimate that you will not have to wait more than 3 business days when making an appointment. If making an appointment for an unopened location we estimate that individuals will be accommodated within 3 business days of the opening. We will accommodate on a first come first serve basis.

Exchange Options:

Customers looking to trade their dinars for other currencies or gold will have the option to do so at our Santa Monica, California office. You must inform us of the exchange at the time we schedule your appointment.

We will have four currencies available for pick-up only at the Santa Monica, California office:

-Chinese Yuan

-Vietnamese Dong

-Korean Won

-Afghani Afghan

We will have three currencies available for wire transfer from any of our office locations:


-Pound Sterling

-Swiss Franc

Customers must have an account in these currencies for us to transfer the funds to.


We will base gold off the London spot fix plus 2%.

Three options:

  1. Pick-up the gold at our Santa Monica, California office.
  2. Pick-up the gold at the New York gold depository. We will give you a certificate of deposit to pick up the gold at the New York Depository.
  3. Gold may be shipped at the expense of the customer. Shipping prices will vary on what region of the country the gold will be shipped to. The customer must carry the shipping and insurance cost.

Gold purity is .9999

Gold will be available in 1 oz., 5 oz., 10 oz., 20 oz., 50 oz., and 100 oz. bullion bars. The lower the bar size the higher the price.

IRA Customers:

Customers who hold dinar in safekeeping through an IRA will not have to be present to exchange their dinars. The IRA agent for the customer must contact our office via email with wire instructions for the IRA account where the funds are to be transferred to.


Dinar Trade is a currency exchange. We are not a tax attorney or CPA. For tax questions kindly contact your accountant or financial advisor.

The above does not constitute that Dinar Trade knows when a re value of the Iraqi Dinar is going to occur. We are informing our customers of the procedures our company will take at the time of a re value to better serve them.

Dinar Trade reserves the right to change any of the policies depending on market conditions.

Dinar Trade is still selling dinars. If you would like to purchase kindly go to our website


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