The GET Team

A Little History Behind The GET Team

Top Management

  • Tina.....General Manager

  • MikeH........Site Manager

  • Mac............Intel Manager



  • Guardian......Training Manager

  • Kktwahoo.....Manager

  • Leo......Forum Manager

  • Nano36...Past Chat Room Manager

  • Wushock92.......Manager


Assistant Managers:


  • Alabamagal

  • Arizona49

  • Beach

  • Cougar13

  • Faithworks2

  • freedom

  • Kaycee

  • Monster

  • Zigmnstr

Super Admins:


  • graciousme

  • hogs4life

  • Hopeful1


  • Kpope16


  • Lake Island

  • Oilerfan


  • Colorado

  • Joseph11

  • thetop

News Provider:

  • Cigarman

  • popeye

  • Michangander


Main Staff contacts with emails!

Please take the time to read the following before entering the site, it will cut down on a lot of Questions, Thank you!

Site Registration


To register for the site, please click on the Registration Tab or click below to email MikeH, with any questions you may have.


Forum Help and Registration


To Register for the Forum, please click on the Forum Tab above or email Leo by clicking on the button below with any questions or concerns yoiu may have.


The GET Chat Room


To register for the Chat Room Please click on the Chat Room Tab above or email MikeH by clicking on the "Click Here" button below.


Any Other Questions?


For any other questions not related to any of the above, please email Tina for any help you may need, if it is not something Tina handles she will forward it to the correct person. To email Tina click on the emblem below, thank you!


Anything regarding the site?


For any questions regarding the Site, Chat problems, forum problems and any other topic, email MikeH by clicking on the tab below!


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